14 Do-it-yourself Christmas decorating ideas you should try ! ! !

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If you're looking for some fun Christmas crafts to make for the holidays, here are 14 do it yourself Christmas decorating ideas you should try. It's so much fun to pull out all of the craft supplies to make holiday crafts and even to buy new craft supplies for xmas crafts. This list will have you in craft diy heaven, and you can even include the kids as there are plenty of crafts for kids too. Depending on their age, you can choose the Christmas crafts that will be best for them to work on. So enjoy these merry holiday crafts that will be sure to bring the Christmas spirit into your home.

1. A super cute Ombre painted paper tree will be the perfect thing for your mantle or centerpiece. Make a tree out of paper and then paint it fading from dark to light leaving the bottom light.

2. Make your dining room seating a bit more festive by tying a big red bow around each dining room chair, just make sure the bow is on the outside of the chair.

3. Everyone loves a nice snow globe. You can make your own snow globe out of an old jar, some water with glycerine and glitter. Glue your favorite photos in place and add any other little ornaments you like.

4. Awesome Christmas wine glass candle holders are the perfect party favor, you can paint them with glitter and paint to look like the Grinch, a snowman, Santa, and Rudolph.

5. Decorate your door with a homemade pinecone wreath; these are super easy to make and look so natural and festive. Add in some cute ornaments to give it some Christmas color.

6. This would be a great craft diy for kids to make. Make lights out of paper; they are super easy to make, and they look like Christmas lights.

7. Want a fancy chandelier for Christmas? You can make one yourself using the frame of your chandelier. Just collect a bunch of plastic glittery snowflakes and take any glass pieces of your chandelier off, then, hang the snowflakes however you like. Hang some icicles on the bottom as well for a wintery effect.

8. No snow? You can still make a snowman using white socks. You fill the socks with rice to make a round body and then sew or glue on some buttons. So cute.

9. Signs are always so fun to put out on your porch. Make a festive Joy sign out of recycled wood. Cut out the letters and paint them, then fix them to a larger piece of wood.

10. Take some of your recycled wood and make star art. Just use some pegs nailed into the wood and wrap a beautiful ribbon around each point to make a star.

11. Who would have ever thought making a Christmas tree out of plastic spoons could look so classy? These plastic spoon trees are made with silver plastic spoons which are layered on top of each other and glued into place.

12. Recycle some bottle caps and make them into ornaments for your tree. Just add some stone eyes, mouth and buttons with a painted carrot nose, and you have a little snowman ornament.

13. Bring the magic of ice and snow inside with some paper icicles. Make a long cone shape out of your paper and crinkle it up slightly to give the effect of jagged ice.

14. Create a fancy center piece by taking a thrift or dollar store vase and add some faux snow effects on the outside.

Enjoy these craft diy ideas and save them for all of the years to come.***

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