51 Super Easy Christmas Crafts

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Getting into the Christmas spirit can be so fun, especially when there are diy ideas involved. There's just something about handmade items that makes them so special, and it turns out, if you're crafty, you can also save a lot of money by making your own Christmas ornaments and décor as well as gifts. These 51 super easy Christmas crafts only take 30 minutes or less to make which is even better. You won't need any materials that are too hard to find, and most of them are relatively inexpensive as well. Loraine Brummer from Hubpages collected 51 of her favourite fun diy projects for Christmas and put them all in one easy-to-find place. This way you can just bookmark the page and come back to it as needed. Each of these Christmas diy ideas would also be great to do with kids, so if you have kids of your own or your work with kids, you can have some fun teaching them how to create these really easy diy ideas. A lot of the diy ideas even reuse and recycle different items you might already have around the home too which is even better.

You can reuse ice cream pails to make really cute Santa Claus containers. The box is made into a Santa Claus face with a hat that opens up to the inside of the pail. Then you can put anything you want inside including baked goods or gifts. If you have any stray socks laying around, there is a great diy idea for repurposing them. You can actually make your stray socks into cute snowmen ornaments. You can use the white socks for the bodies and then the patterned socks for the little hats and sweaters on the snowmen. If you're looking to do a bit more of a glamourous Christmas decor theme, the silver acorns would be perfect for you to try out. All you do is collect some acorns and then cover them in silver leaf. You could also spray paint them with metallic spray paint in the colour of your choice. You could also use pine cones or little sprigs off of evergreen trees. For a more traditional or country style Christmas decoration you can use burlap to make cute little tree ornaments. The ones from Hubpages are little birds, but you could use any shape you like such as a Christmas tree or a snowman.

The soft glow of candles is always welcome at Christmastime, and you can make your own cute candle holders out of Mason jars. You can buy a whole flat of Mason jars brand new from the store for only a few dollars, or you can recycle your old ones or find some at a garage sale or a thrift store. Then, using the diy idea from Hubpages, you can create a snowy looking votive by covering it in Epsom salts. You can also use spray on snow if you like and another one of the great ideas has you create a silhouette on the glass to create an artistic look. Pasta noodles glued together in various formations also make for great snowflake ornaments. Once you've glued the pasta noodles together, then you can spray paint them white or another colour. They might also look great in silver. For something a bit more contemporary, why not create a sparkly deer silhouette with glitter? This would be so fun, and it could also stay up all year round if you liked it enough. Enjoy these 51 amazing fun diy projects for Christmastime and make some of them to get your home in the Christmas spirit.***

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