How to Make Christmas Ball Lights

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Here are instructions on How to Make Christmas Light Balls. The holiday season is such a special time of the year. It seems like it is a time that goes both quickly and slowly, where there is so much to do, and yet so much time to spend with friends, where we eagerly wait Christmas Day and yet hope that it never ends. It is fabulous, especially if you live in an area where you can hope to have snow on that day and in that season. It just seems right.

Here you can find out How to Make Christmas Light Balls, if that is some thing you enjoy doing. The lights, which originally reflected the return of the spring after the dark of the winter, are one of the best parts of the holiday season, if my mind. Even if there were nothing else going on at that time of year, driving through the city streets when the homes are all lit up during this season is wonderful and cheerful. I wonder that it does not continue further in to the season. In some communities, especially where winter carnivals are popular, people keep up their Christmas lights and turn them on again for the festivals, often held in the deepest part of winter, from the middle to the end of February.

The tools are rather simple and can be purchased for quite cheap. You might even be lucky enough to have some of them in your garage waiting to be turned into cheery pieces of art!

For this project you will need just 5 tools:

* Chicken wire

* Small wire cutters

* Measuring tape

* gloves

* Led mini lights

Gather the materials:

To make some of your own Christmas light balls, all you’ll need is some chicken wire fencing, which you can purchase at your local hardware store with various sizes of holes in it. You will also need some small wire cutters, to cut the chicken wire fence with, a measuring tape to measure before you cut, some gloves to handle the chicken wire fencing and our LED lights in the colors you want your light balls to be.

Measure the chicken wire:

The first thing you want to do is measure out the chicken wire by laying it on a flat surface, usually your floor will work just fine. To make a light ball that is 2 feet tall and wide, you’ll need to measure out your chicken wire so that it measures 2 feet wide by 4 feet long. A good rule of thumb for making a round shape out of chicken wire is to have the length of the chicken wire be twice as long as the width. So if your chicken wire width is 3 feet, make sure you measure out 6 feet of chicken wire in length. To show for example, the green light ball in the photo is 2 feet and the blue one is 4 feet.

Cut the chicken wire:

Make a mark with a marker where you need to cut the wire, and wearing your gloves for protection, clip the wires all the way along the line you need to cut.

Make a tube shape:

Once you have your two edges cut, bring them together and secure them in place by twisting the wires of the ends together. Once you have an open ended tube shape, you will now begin to create a round ball.

Create the ball:

This is where the fun begins. Start by folding in the open ends and cut where needed to secure the open ends together. Once they are secured, you can then work on shaping your wire into a ball shape. Push the wire in certain areas, and pull it out in other areas to sculpt. This may take some time, but it will be totally worth it.

Add lights:

When you are happy with your sculpting and your wire looks like a ball shape, now it’s time to add the lights. For every 1 foot of the diameter of the ball, you’ll want to use one 70 centimeter light string. Begin by always making sure you leave the pronged end of the light plug exposed to be plugged into an electrical cord or outlet. Wrap the lights around the ball by weaving them in and out of the wired holes and attach another string of lights as you need to. Then, at last, you can plug in your light ball in and marvel at their beauty. They look great in various sizes and colors. Try some in red, green and white for traditional Christmas colors, or add in some blue and purple or yellow for something different. They look especially great in the snow.

TIP - If you have never worked with chicken wire before (especially hand cutting it) you will find that it is very sharp, which is why you will wear gloves. If you have small children or animals around, watch they do not get too close as eyes can easily get hurt with sharp wire. In order to know how much chicken wire to use, simply decide the size of the ball and the double it in wire. This project just takes a little bit of effort and is quite easy to put together the wire balls. You could also get creative and make different shapes with this material. The most patience intensive part is likely stringing the lights in and out of the wire.

There is an excellent step by step tutorial at the link below to guide you through. If Christmas light balls are some thing that you enjoy and want to have this year, check out this web site, Christmas Lights Etc., and see if there is some thing that might suit your needs. Christmas can get so expensive, so if you can cut the costs by making a few things your self, why not do so? This is just one idea of a whole host of ideas that you can see for your self at this site. Check it out soon, and book mark it for the holidays. Enjoy.

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