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Learning how to clean your air vents is an important skill to have if you own a home. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you will also be able to clean them out on a moment's notice if anything should get clogged in them. The Environmental Protection Agency EPA says that there is currently no evidence that dirty air ducts will make people sick unless they are clogged up, have mold growing in them or they have mice or other rodents or insects living in them. Even though the regular dust in your air ducts is not enough to make anyone sick, it could still trigger allergies in those who are very sensitive to dust. All of that dust is being pushed out into your living environment, and you're breathing the air into your lungs. So it's still pretty important to keep them cleaned out. The thing is, the cleaning tips for cleaning out your duts are not that complicated or difficult to do. Katie of Housewife How-To shares her simple life hacks for cleaning the air ducts in your home the easy way. You can also use these cleaning tips to clean your cold air returns as well. Doing these simple life hacks Katie shares with us once a year will be enough, but you can do it more regularly if you like to too. You can also get vent register filters to catch any pet hair or debris before it falls into your vent and also remember to change your HVAC’s air filter when you clean the air ducts too.

All you will need to clean your ducts is your vacuum cleaner with the attachments. You will also need a dust brush for your vacuum, some microfiber cleaning cloths, a rotary dryer vent brush cleaner and a drill. The first step is to take off the floor registers which are super easy to lift right out of the vent. If you have wall registers, you will have to use your drill to remove them. Clean these vent covers too by putting them into a sink of hot water with some dish soap and then rinse them off really well and allow them to air dry. You can even wash certain metal vent covers in the dishwasher if you have one. Now that you have the registers out of the vent, you can attach the special dryer vent brush to the end of your drill and turn on the drill and allow it to stir up all of the debris in your duct. Then, you can put the dust brush attachment on your vacuum and put it down into the duct to vacuum up any of the dust and debris.

Then, to give the parts, you can reach a good cleaning you can use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the whole inside. Rinse out the cloth in some warm water and dish soap often to keep the cloth clean and pulling out any dust. You can also spray a natural cleaner on the cloth if there is any sticky or hard to clean gunk in the duct. It could be left over from a spill that happened at some point and could be more difficult to remove. Then, vacuum and wipe the area around the duct and return the clean and dry register vent into the opening and you'll be all finished. This is just one of the many great cleaning tips and simple life hacks that Katie from Housewife How-To shares with us so make sure that you head over to her website and check out more of them out.***

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